• Welcome to Zdiar

    Zdiar is a small village in the heart of beautiful intact nature, above which strongly and proudly towering peaks of Belianske Tatras

    Visitors of this distinctive village can just wander the countryside, listening to noise of the forest, seen grazing sheep and find peace of mind.

  • Invitation

    Those active one can overcome themselves with milder or more demanding tours or use different adrenaline attractions.
    Home Goral will gladly open their hearts to You and familiar You with the local customs, traditions, and folklore, and You will certainly take home some experience from their beautiful lives.
    So welcome to our website and choose Your vacation according to Your liking.

  • Summer

    The most beautiful season in Ždiar.

    Every house, every tree, every hill is covered with a huge blanket of snow.

    Quantity of always prepared slopes. For the demanding skiers, or skiers, sledging and ski school for your children ...

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Village Zdiar

Zdiar belongs to the jewels of Slovakia. It is distinctive village with a typical traditions, customs, folklore and culture with more than 1300 inhabitants.

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Vidla zo Širokého sedla


Adventure minigolf


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Preteky konských záprahov

- prezentácia súťažiacich
- slalom furmanským vozom, nakadanie a prevoz metrovice
- manipulácia s drevom na cieľ
- silová disciplína ťahanie dreva na vzdialenosť a čas
- vyhodnotenie


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